Weston Park Museum

Latest News

This page gives you information on projects that are under design at the moment or have been completed recently.

American Museum, Bath

We are now designing the lighting for a proposed refurbishment of the large temporary exhibition gallery. This consists of one large gallery space, a small gallery and an architecturally unusual Map Room where the original special uplights and case lights are being modified and upgraded with new LED lighting.

Technical Investigation

We are working on a detailed technical investigation into a destructive component failure that has led to loss of light and obvious concerns for the building’s owner.

Longleat House

We are progressing with the lighting of the Grand Stair, the Robes Corridor and the Great Hall. All will use carefully selected and positioned LED spots to provide better balance of the lighting in each space with minimum intervention.

Chatsworth House

Having completed the external lighting of the south and west fronts of the main house in 2013 we are now designing the lighting for the east and west sides of the north wing as well as the high Belvedere and the lodges. Recent full-scale lighting trials have demonstrated the lighting and confirmed the design approach. The lighting utilises colour-change LEDs allowing changes from various shades of white to fixed or changing colours during events.