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Paul Ruffles has always been a regular contributor of articles to the technical and design press on a wide range of lighting subjects. Below there is a selection of recent articles. Where the title is shown highlighted there is a link to the original text for the article.

Article titlePublication
‘Use and misuse of LED lighting’Museums & Heritage, p41-42, Issue 3 2009
‘Design Crimes’Lighting Magazine, p44-46, July 2008.
‘Sterling effort’Light Magazine, p30-31, March 2004.
'Chester Beatty Library & Galleries, Dublin'Light & Lighting, p10-13, November 2001.
'A framework for exterior lighting design'Light & Lighting, August 2000
'Relighting history'Light Magazine, p13-16, July 2000.
'Irish illuminations'Museum Practice, issue 14, spring 2000.
'Lighting and energy use'Museum Practice, issue 14, spring 2000.
'T2 lamps - less is more'Museum Practice, issue 10, spring 1999.
‘Environmental considerations for exterior lightingCIBSE Factfile number 7, December 1998 & updated in 2003.
‘Lighting by design’Museum Practice, issue 6, autumn 1997.
‘Uniformity and Diversity - what’s the difference?’Lighting Equipment News, p9, July 1997.
‘Glaring mistakes’Design Week, p19, May 16th 1997.
‘Light on Lighting’The CIBSE Journal, p37 & 38, Vol. 18 No 3, March 1996.
‘Taking Luminance to the limit’Lighting equipment News, p6 & 7, February 1996.
‘On Reflection’ Light magazine, p20 & 21, issue 11, November 1995.
‘European Directives on Lighting’Electrical Contractor, p30, May 1992.
‘Twenty-five years of Codes, Guides and floppy disks’Lighting Equipment News, p10, January 1992.
‘Uplighting for visual display areas’Lighting Equipment News, p10, September 1991.


Paul has also produced or contributed to a number of publications. These are listed below.

Author of:

‘LG7; Office Lighting Guide’Society of Light & Lighting Jan 2011
‘Design and Assessment of Exterior Lighting Schemes'Society of Light & Lighting May 2005

Chairman of producing committee/task group for:

‘Lighting for Museums & Galleries’, LG8Society of Light & Lighting
‘Lighting for Offices’, LG7Society of Light & Lighting 2002/03
‘The visual environment for display screen use’CIBSE Lighting Division 1996
‘Areas for visual display terminals’, LG3CIBSE Lighting Division 1989

Major contributor to:

‘Emergency Lighting’, LG12Society of Light & Lighting September 2004
Additions & corrections to Code for interior lightingCIBSE, May 1997
‘Working plane illuminance in electrically lit spaces’CIBSE August 1996
‘Lighting for museums and art galleries’CIBSE 1994

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Paul Ruffles

Paul Ruffles