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Conference and Seminar Presentations

Paul Ruffles has written and presented papers to many conferences and seminars across the country. He has also given freely of his time to present lectures and talks to many local societies and learned institutions. In addition he is often asked to chair sessions at conferences and seminars.

‘Lighting and Energy’REHVA technical symposium, Frankfurt, April 2012
Guest speakerSLL Masterclass, Cardiff, November 2012
Series of UK one day lighting workshopsMuseum Association 2009 -2011
‘Not fade away’Chair of Museum Association day seminar, London, March 2004
‘Lighting for historic buildings’Conference at Historic Houses Association exhibition, London, Nov. 2002
‘Building regulations part L’SLL Masterclasses in Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin & Manchester, 2002
‘Integrating lighting into historic structures’PLASA show Masterclass, London, September 2001.
‘Display Lighting’Museum Practice Seminar – Museum & Gallery Lighting, November 2000, London
‘Balancing environmental issues in exterior lighting’National Lighting Conference, July 2000, York.
‘It’s time to scrap the lighting codes’Head-to Head debate at Total Lighting 2000 at the NEC, May 2000.
‘Light in the museum environment’National Physical Laboratory - Optical Radiation Measurement Club, Teddington, July 1999.
‘New European Standards on VDTs’Joint ILE/CIBSE seminar on current lighting issues, Feb 1999, Bristol.
‘The right fitting for the job’Museum Practice Seminar – Museum Lighting, London, February 1998.
‘Lighting of IT workplaces’IEE Colloquium - Information technology and buildings, January 1997, London.
‘LG3 - Past, Present and Future’CIBSE Scottish Region Seminar, October 1996, Glasgow.
‘Don’t just assure quality, improve it’May 1996 CIBSE Lighting Division Chairman’s Address
‘The lighting of the Pump House Museum, Manchester’National Lighting Conference, April 1996, Bath.

Institution evening presentations

Numerous daytime & evening lectures each year to various institutions and learned societies on a wide range of topics, including:

‘High quality lighting for the modern workspace’.‘Office Lighting’.
‘Lighting for areas with visual displays’.‘Lighting for Visual Display Terminals’.
‘Quality in Interior Lighting design’.‘Lighting Design Directions’
‘Museum and Gallery lighting Design’.'Art gallery and exhibition area lighting’
‘Showcase lighting’‘Lighting of IT workplaces’.
‘Emergency lighting design’
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Tel: 01225 310022

Paul Ruffles

Paul Ruffles