Converted Billiard Cue Case
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Conversion of former billiard cue case

Our innovative design for this shallow manuscript case illustrate our tailored approach to each case. We used small glass capsule lamps in special reflectors to throw light as evenly as possible across the case from each side.

The lamps and reflectors were contained in a borosilicate glass tube on each side of the case. This ensured that the heat from the lamps did not enter the case but rather was exhausted from the tops of the tubes above the case. Over a day of operation the interior temperature of the case rose by just 1°C.

The small lights illuminated the exhibits in a way that allowed maximum appreciation by the viewer, without risk of damage by light or heat. This was a unique and successful way to light this difficult case.

Note: This design was carried out in the early 1990s and if we were doing it again now we would probably use fibre-optics or white LEDs in place of the capsule bulbs.

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