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We worked with the Manchester based exhibition designer Nigel Simpkins Design on the lighting of these cases in the Exhibition Room of the museum. The cases were cleverly designed by Nigel Simpkins to be used in any one of three positions: horizontal, inclined or vertical. The lighting needed to work without major effort in any of these positions.

Our solution was to provide four lighting masts in each case; one in each corner. On each of these masts there are four adjustable lensed lighting points. These are in turn supplied via a fibre-optic system from a remote tungsten-halogen projector.

The resulting lighting system allows the light points on the masts to light down or across onto the display surface in whatever position it is placed and for any orientation of the case. In some situations two of the masts are below the display surface and only the other two masts are in use. Even then the lighting is even and the objects well lit.

In addition, a simple system of ceiling mounted track was positioned to enable spotlights to light well the display and interpretation banners which were used above each of the cases.

Even with lighting levels in the cases being about the 50 Lux level the room appears bright and well lit.

In an earlier project for the Brontë Parsonage in 1994 we prepared a report on the best ways to improve the lighting of the main display rooms of the parsonage. This is very tricky as the rooms are set out as they were during the occupation by the Brontë family and the introduction of modern lighting sources has to be handled carefully. In addition there were severe financial restraints on this small museum. The staff at the Parsonage have steadily improved the display lighting over the years as the money and opportunity has arisen.

More information

There is an excellent article in Museum Practice journal, edition 15, that describes the project to refit the Bonnell Room with new cases and displays.

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