Cartwright Hall
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Cartwright Hall, Bradford

The main first floor gallery level of this fine Victorian public gallery was completely refurbished in 2007/8. LD&T were appointed to design all the display lighting and low-energy house lighting for this project.

An adaptable track mounted lighting solution was adopted for all the gallery spaces. The lighting on this provided uplighting where needed for high spaces, wall-wash and/or spotlighting as required by the artwork on display in each gallery. A comprehensive control system was installed to provide simple one-button setting of the lighting scenes in each gallery from two central points.

In addition more varied lighting programs were set up for the wood panelled gallery that was also used for functions such as weddings. New lighting was also designed for the servery and kitchen that served this room. By providing better quality lighting (using modern food standard luminaires) made the kitchen and servery more useable and adaptable.

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