Chester Beatty Gallery
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Chester Beatty Gallery, Dublin

European Museum of the year 2001

The extensive collection of documents, art works and artefacts, from 2700 BCE. to the present century, was moved from its old site on the outskirts of Dublin during 1999 to a new exhibition complex in part of Dublin Castle. This has allowed far better scope for display of the extensive collection and much easier access to the collections by the public.

The complex consists of an old horseshoe shaped building which has had a new gallery block added to the open end. The centre of the horseshoe has been glazed over to provide an atrium space.

Within the gallery block three main gallery spaces have been provided. The interior layout and design of the Sacred Gallery has been tailored to the display of the wide range of sacred texts and objects from around the world. The lighting has been discreetly integrated into the sculptured ceiling.

110 upright, desk style, flat topped and special showcases have been especially designed for the particular types and sizes of objects being displayed. We worked closely with the Exhibition Designers, Event Communications, and the case manufacturers, Mayvaert of Belgium, to design a lighting system that would create the ideal lighting conditions within each case.

The Secular Gallery provides adaptable display space for the collection of non-sacred objects including books, costumes, illustrations and carvings. The lighting system in this gallery allows simple changes to be made to the position and effect of the light on any display. A smaller Temporary Gallery provides adaptable display space for visiting and special exhibitions.

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