Waddesdon Manor
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We have been working for a few years on a number of fascinating projects at Chatsworth. In 2011 we relit the six main State Rooms with various carefully positioned LED spotlights mounted on top of the cornice to light down onto the varied selection of objects in each room without causing glare to the visitors.

In 2010 three sketch galleries on the second floor were completely refurbished and the lighting we selected for these more intimate spaces was small spotlights mounted on powered picture rails run along both sides of each gallery. In one gallery similar spots were mounted in the sides of roof lights. lighting was also carefully designed for two new double sided cases mounted within arches between private and public spaces – the glass on the private side could be made opaque with the flick of a switch when the bedrooms on that side were in use.

In 2009 the large Oak staircase was completely remodelled and an old roof light above revealed. We designed a system of twenty-four LED spotlights with varying beam-angles, concealed from sight in the rear side of this roof light. From here they could light down onto the large walls of the three story stair where many family portraits were hung.

Work continues in 2012 on a new suite of rooms for Old Master paintings and the exterior lighting of the West and South fronts of the main house.

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