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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

We designed the lighting for the new History Gallery that takes up the whole of the front of the second floor of this grand building. This large gallery tells the story of Birmingham from its earliest days to the present. The lighting system selected, after a series of careful trials, was track mounted variable beam LED spotlights. These spotlights also have individual dimmers so that the lighting level on each object can be carefully selected and the lighting levels over a series of objects and displays can be carefully graded to give the very best visual experience for the visitors. The gallery openned in September 2012.

In 2011 we also carried out an extensive survey of the forty odd gallery spaces at BMAG and prepared a report on the options for a progressive upgrade of the lighting throughout the building over the coming years as money becomes available and galleries come up for refurbishment or re-display.

In 2011 we also carried out a survey of Birmingham’s six main satellite museums and historic houses and offered simple advise on the best way to manage their existing lighting and to progressively upgrade it where necessary or opportune.

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