Weston Park Museum
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Weston Park Museum, Sheffield

This large museum opened in October 2006 after a four year project combining some rebuilding and extensive refurbishment of the existing galleries and public spaces designed by the Architects Purcell Miller Tritton. Lighting Design & Technology were responsible for the exhibition lighting in all the galleries. The galleries vary from the splendidly refurbished historic Mappin Galleries to new daylit and ‘black-box’ galleries for new displays and exhibitions. The exhibition design, by Redman Design Associates, varied widely from gallery to gallery to suit the space and the type of exhibit.

The lighting varied in style and complexity from simple track mounted spotlights to fibre-optic cables woven into a scenic constructions such as a full size tree growing out of a woodland mound. In the Natural World Gallery the lighting within the large cubic display spaces is all provided by fibre-optic systems driven by efficient and long lived metal-halide light sources.

Lighting Design & Technology were also responsible for the lighting in all the cases which varied widely from small pedestal cases to a 4m high wall case full of natural history specimens. Other cases were designed with lighting activated by movement detectors to minimise lighting when the gallery was quiet so that higher lighting levels could be provided on sensitive objects when viewers were near to the cases.

We have also advised on ways to economically reduce daylight and sunlight impact through the various large skylights and windows. This was to ensure that high levels of daylight did not overwhelm the display lighting or take the lighting levels to the point where annual exposure limits for conservation would be exceeded.

The photographs above were taken during the final stages of the lighting set-up just before opening.

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